Light Pollution

by Moe's Implosion

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released November 26, 2011

Produced and mixed by Moe's Implosion and Davide Lobão
Recorded and engineered by Le Chuck
Recorded and mixed at Venture Studios, Portugal
Mastered by Chris Common at Cork House Mastering, Portugal

All tracks written and performed by Moe's Implosion. Additional vocals on tracks 4, 5, 9 by Inês Laranjeira. Saxophone on tracks 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 performed by Francisco Menezes.




Moe's Implosion Montijo, Portugal

We are a five-piece rock band!

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Track Name: Light Pollution
Wake up it's not a dream, they're only visions. I don't know what they mean, I'm in collision. Tell me why is this happening. As if in the dark i can see what's happening. Please explain the meaning of this like I've never seen it before. Share it with me like your first french kiss at the back of your bedroom door. It's inside my mind. I can see what's happening. In the dark I can see. Red box illuminating my thoughts. Polluting my thoughts. Light pollution.
Track Name: 103 FM
He stepped in for the first time in a long time. Nothing was the same, everything was changed, everything was now a mess. With all his bones undressed he showed him what he was, whatever they had done. Not a man nor a machine. With all the things that he had seen his feelings were somewhere beneath his skin, between his madness and his love, deadlier than anything above. With an army on his hand, he shouted loud "Oh yes I can! It's not about the we, there's more to this than you and me! Who fucks will now be fucked! Who hopes to never lose and who pushes to the edge has just fucking blown my fuse!". The bitterness inside and nowhere else to run, a million things could come to mind but he sure wasn't done. I begged him not to do it, I could not co-op. I'm sure he saw the light but then everything stopped. Seven boys in retirement homes reading tales of Sherlock Holmes. This cologne has such a nice aroma, who ever smelled it is now in coma.
Track Name: Tip of the Tongue
Seventeen's not twenty one. Never will and never was. Show me your lying tongue. Cast away for being fun. Is it safe to come, should you fall in love? Razors and the blood will flow. Your mother sure she'll run at the sight of me. Waking up another day. High on hopes I feel today. Let's get busy on your lawn 'cause seventeen's not twenty one. Little gentlemen, did you bring your water gun? Razors and the blood will flow. Your mother sure she'll run at the sight of me. Wasn't it a lot of fun to go ahead and touch someone? Ever asked when I was done as they came here one by one? Ever asked me when I was done? You've got something on the tip of your tongue.
Track Name: Sandra Debby
Imagine worse, like a woman in a beautiful dress. I became bored in a way I shouldn't confess. Why does it have to be a long conversation when we both know the meaning of this. Such nonsense. So what's the fuss? A picture will show who to trust. No more breakfast in bed, go take care of someone who loves you instead. You insist on repeating something back and forth, something like you mean it, I guess. Round and around, feels like I'm going down. They talk, they laugh, they speak to each other. She walks away and moves forward. To prey, to feast, to live like no other, accept the fact the hunt has just started. Again.
Track Name: Broken Record
Just like every broken record, I hear it again and again. It's not the song that gets me back. Is the picture the frame. I see it once. I see it twice. I see it three times but I can't find out. I sit alone, walk alone, is there someone around? Pressure breakdown. The picture, the frame, it's the same.
Track Name: Mastodonte
So long that I have heard the song that made me go. On hyper speed, I'm on the run with something new to know. That's what it takes. Be sure to make no mistakes. Please don't give up. Be sure to make no mistakes. Trying hard to understand what these memories show. I can't stand it anymore. Please go, leave me alone. That's what it takes. Be sure to make no mistakes. Open the box. Be sure to make no mistakes.
Track Name: Doctor
Doctor, doctor, I'm living underwater. Doctor, doctor, there's so much I can take. Feels like it's OK and isn't worth advising. Doctor, doctor, my sister keeps on trying. Doctor, doctor, a patient needs attention. Doctor, doctor, a patient needs affection. Your advice, expertise to someone in need of rescue. A brother with no disease is just another world view. Doctor, doctor, no matter what I see it feels like the safest place to be is here under the sea. I'm living.
Track Name: Space Fado
Please don't try to understand me. 'cause I can't do it myself. If I don't know who I am, I have to talk to someone else.